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Japan's Standpoint and Obligation

Japan is a leading maritime nation with ships all over the world. We believe that in order for us to play our part in helping to reduce environmental pollution and efficiently use the world's resources we have a responsibility to help solve the problem of ship recycling.

Japan as Shipbuilder and Fleet Owner

27% of the world's ships are manufactured in Japan, and approximately 10.1% of the world's ships are owned by Japanese companies. With its position as the world's shipbuilder and fleet owner Japan has an international responsibility for the recycling of these ships.

27% of the world's ships are manufactured in Japan

Towards the Implementation of a Ship Recycling Treaty

Japan is a leading force in the efforts of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to move towards enacting a ship recycling treaty.

2003-12Decision on ship recycling guidelines
2005-12Decision on enforcement treaty
2008-10Decision on draft of a ship recycling treaty
2009-05Adoption of a ship recycling treaty, final version
2011Scheduled implementation of a ship recycling treaty
Expected course of events from shipbuilding to recycling after a ship recycling treaty has been implemented