Japan Foundry Engineering Society, The 5th Japan-Korea Workshop for Young Foundry Engineers, September 6 Fri - 8 Sun,2013 MURORAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

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The 5th Japan-Korea Conference for Young Foundry Engineers

About the Conference

“The 5th Japan-Korea Workshop for Young Foundry Engineers” will be held at the Muroran Institute of Technology in Muroran-city, Hokkaido, Japan from 6 to 8 September, 2013. The conference will be jointly supported by Japan Foundry Engineering Society, and Korean Foundrymen’ s Society.


“The 5th Japan-Korea Conference for Young Foundry Engineers” is held as the fifth workshop on foundry engineering for bringing engineers and researchers from both our two countries to have concurrent views of foundry engineering, to share recent excitements and achievements and to gain new insights for linking casting technology and science with practical industrial applications. The topics will cover experimental, theoretical, computational and application aspect. We’ re looking forward to young foundry engineers’ participating and making presentations.

The chairman of YFE of Japan Foundry Engineering Society
Kazumichi Shimizu



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Ver.2013-08-30 Please note that this program is subject to change

The date and the time September 6th(Friday)-8th(Sunday), 2013
Venue The Muroran Institute of Technology
(mizumoto-cho 27-1, Muroran-city, Hokkaido)
  1. Ferrous cast alloys
  2. Non-ferrous cast alloys
  3. Composite & joining
  4. New casting process and materials development
  5. Casting production and environment technology
  6. Modeling & simulation in foundry engineering
  7. Multi-and trans-disciplinary technology related to foundry & solidification process
September 6(Friday) September 7(Saturday) September 8(Sunday)
◆Welcome dinner
◆Opening ceremony
◆Keynote speech
◆Lunch & meeting
◆Oral session
◆Poster session
◆Oral session
◆Closing Ceremony
  1. ①September 6 (Friday) in Noboribetsu Grand Hotel 15:00-18:30
    (noboribetu onsen-cho 154, noboribetsu-city,
    Hokkaido, 059-0592 phone number:+81-143-84-2101)
  2. ②September 7 (Saturday) in Muroran Institute of Technology
    (3F Elevator Lounge) 8:00-9:00
Welcome dinner The date and the time:September 6 (Friday) 19:00-20:30
Venue:Noboribetsu Grand Hotel
   (noboribetsu onsen-cho 154,
   noboribetsu-city, Hokkaido,059-0592
   phone number:+81-143-84-2101)Web site
Reception The date and the time:September 7 (Saturday) 18:00-21:00
   (miyanomori-cho 1-1, muroran-city, Hokkaido, 050-0073
    Phone number:+81-143-44-3338)
Registration Fee: Japanese Yen Cash Only
Regular Japanese yen-\25,000
Student Japanese yen-\10,000(Price down)
(included 1 lunch, 1 Welcome dinner, 1 reception)



From airport of the vicinity please verify the distance to the NEW Chitose Airport, with this Web site.

NEW Chitose Airport Terminal Web site

Invitation of Pick-up bus

We’ ll prepare the Pick-up bus from Shin-Chitose Airport to Noboribetsu Grand
Hotel.(Also we’ ll prepare the bus from Muroran IT to Shin-Chitose Airport.)

September 6 Shin-Chitose Airport-Noboribetsu Grand Hotel
① 13:45 (maximum 40 members)
② 14:30 (maximum 40 members)
※International passenger-Organization charterd bus

You need the reservation in advance. Please make an application
when you make the hotel reservation.


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Conference Secretary

Prof. Kazumichi Shimizu Muroran Institute of Technology., JAPAN
   ( Mrs.Kou Ito (Secretary): ito-4266@mmm.muroran-it.ac.jp )